Delicious Food is a Specialty at our Fitness Camp

Balanced Nutrition

Starving yourself is never the answer.

Balanced nutrition is the most crucial step in any weight loss program, and we provide you with just the right amount of nutritonal calories to reach your daily goals.

This includes three deliciously prepared, healthy meals every day - plus nutritious snacks and unlimited bottled water.

Our Adult Fat Camp Programs are Senior Friendly and Safe for All Ages

Effective Exercise

Adding a comprehensive exercise program to a balanced nutritious diet is the catalyst that turns your body into fat-burning machine.

Our customized fitness programs force your body to strengthen muscles while melting away fat.

You won't just lose pounds - you'll lose inches. And you'll lose them fast!

Lose Weight Fast - And Maintain Your Results For Good!

Healthy Habit Building

Your daily habits are likely one of the reasons you're here in the first place.

We help you to form new habits such as eating healthy food, waking and sleeping at proper times, eating only at proper times and working out every day on a schedule.

We also make sure you enjoy yourself - positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to ensure lasting change.

Very busy and active days. Four weeks went by very fast - and though I missed home, as soon as I got home I wanted to go back to the camp. What a great group of people! I liked the small and personalized environment much better than the larger camp I attended before. I got better results and I felt like more than just a number. The life coaching was very helpful for me as well.

~Sherri R. / Jacksonville, FL / Read More Client Stories

Our Exclusive Methodology

Not all fitness camps are created equal - at Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults, our secret weapon is True Fire, which is the surest Non Medical Weight Loss Program in the country!

The True Fire Fitness System

The key to your success is our scientific nutritional and exercise process.

The True Fire Fitness System was developed by weight loss and fitness experts exclusively for Weight Crafters in order to produce unparalleled fitness gains and weight loss results unlike anything else currently being used in the fitness industry.

No other weight loss resort or weight loss retreat does it the way we do in a non medical weight loss environment. Are You Ready for the True Fire difference?

The Five Levels of True Fire


Great Program! I lost weight, inches, fat and stopped needing some of the medicines I was on as well. I would say that dollar for dollar, it was the best program I have been to - out of the four I have attended.

~Jay P. / Boise, ID / Read More Client Stories

A Typical Day at Weight Loss Camp

While changing things up is part of our technique, the schedule is kept as regular as possible. This helps you build healthy eating, sleeping and exercise habits. Here's how it breaks down:

6:30 am


In addition to a healthy, delicious breakfast, you are also provided with a light snack to enjoy at any point during the day.

8:00 am

Training / Activity

Morning training is done in sessions, with a break in the middle.

12:00 pm

Lunch Time

1:00 pm

Training / Activity

Afternoon training completes your activity time for the day. Massage therapy or counseling may be scheduled thereafter.

5:00 pm


You are provided a protein shake with dinner, to enjoy anytime. The rest of the evening is yours to do with as you like - which could include time on the beach, sunbathing by the pool, or the occasional trip around town.


Training sessions are shorter on Saturdays, and Sundays are completely free. Don't worry though - by the time Sunday rolls around, you'll be glad for the rest!

Special Activities:

There's a lot more to do in Beautiful Tampa Bay Florida than just working out! Our program frequently incorporates fun activities in the area like Kayaking & Paddleboarding, Trampoline Gym, Obstacle Courses, Cardio Tennis and more. As such, the schedule and routine will vary from day to day and week to week. Come and join us and have yourself a fitness vacation!

Ready to Change Your Life?

Spend some time on you! Come and join us and have yourself a Weight Crafters Fitness Vacation!

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