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Good health isn't just a destination - it's a lifestyle. 

Our entire focus is completely dedicated to women’s health and fitness. Helping you regain your health, restore mobility and make time to do the things that matter to you is our number one goal.


The Weight Crafters / CFS Adult Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Women is your 



CFS Live-In Weight Loss & Fitness Program

Do you need to lose 10lbs? How about 25 or 50lbs? 100lbs or more?

Whatever your goals and ambitions are, we can help you in achieving them – often in far less time than you expect.  Our all-inclusive, comprehensive approach to weight loss and fitness ensures your success and sustainability.

You bring the dedication, hard work and willingness. We will bring the tools, guidance, and push you need to achieve success!

It's time to make a real change. It's time to experience the CFS Residential Weight Loss & Fitness Program for Women!


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With a proven track record in the industry, the #1 Rated Womens’ Weight Loss & Fitness Camp is the possible solution you have been searching for!

Get Away From It All

Work. Children. School. Stress. Stress. Stress. Sometimes it is more than just taking off pounds and getting in shape. You need to get away and shake the day to day stress off and get focused on taking care of yourself for awhile.

At the Weight Crafters / CFS Adult Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Women, we specialize in taking care of you and your needs.

You are the subject of care and the target of attention. Your goals are our goals and we are committed to getting you aligned and back on target with those goals.

It may sound counter intuitive, but this is a place of rest for you as much as it is a place of work and fitness.

Considering a Live-In Weight Loss & Fitness Camp?

It's an important decision. Choose wisely.

Beach Weight Loss & Fitness

While focus, drive, determination, hard work and getting sweaty are paramount to your success in the CFS Womens’ Weight Loss Camp, being able to relax and recover when you're done is also crucial!

Ideally located in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, Florida area, you'll be seconds from some of the most beautiful white sand beaches on the Gulf Coast.

Optimized For Women

Weight Gain is one of the top contributing factors towards depression, low self-esteem and early death for women today.

At WeightCrafters, we specialize in knowing our clients’ needs and have developed the CFS Womens’ Weight Loss Program to meet those needs.

Whether you're 18 or 82 - we specifically customize our programs to fit your needs and goals.

Transform Your Life

Enrollment into a live in weight loss & fitness camp, is not the same as a  “fat camp” or "fat farm",  and knowing the difference is crucial in making such a major decision.

A life-changing decision.

Getting away from your surroundings, triggers and comfort zone often makes all the difference. We give you the push you need through exercise, balanced meals, life coaching, personal training and a lot of fun!

Ready to see real, visible, lasting results? Ready to feel motivated to maintain your body? Ready to be excited about your health? Ready to just get away and start fresh?

We're here to help! Reach out to us TODAY! Don’t delay any longer!

You'll be amazed at what you discover you can do!

CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp may also be classified as a fat camp, fat farm, weight loss resort, a weight loss spa, a fitness vacation or a weight loss retreat. So, if you are looking for the #1 affordable and practical option in any of those catefogories, reach out to us today!

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