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Invest in your health. Invest in your future. Invest in yourself.

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CFS Fitness Vacation & Adult Weight Loss Camp is 100% designed to put you where you desire to be.

Whether your desire is just to have a fun filled, all inclusive vacation with lots of physical fitness & stress relief - or the more serious matter of struggling with weight and other health issues, CFS Camp is the Complete Fitness Solution you are looking for. See our Limited Special Pricing Offer!

Please take the time to browse around our website and to explore the in-depth level of information we provide about us and our program. If you are looking for fitness camps, fitness vacations, weight loss camps, fat camps for adults or fat farm programs - there is no better choice than the weight loss and fitness programs at CFS Camp - The Complete Fitness Solution!

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   Why Choose CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp?

Fitness & Weight Loss Experts!

Because we are by far the the best value in the industry. We are experts in Adult Weight Loss and all levels of fitness, providing the most enjoyable, fun filled and adventurous solution in the United States. No other adult fitness vacation or adult weight loss camp provides what we provide at anywhere near a matching price. If you find them, let us know and we will match it!

We know what our clients want.

CFS Camp is a health and wellness destination for adults. Wether you're 18 or 72 - we specifically customize our programs to fit your needs and goals.

Some folks are just looking for a place they can enjoy themselves for a week or two and get some pounds knocked off, eat healthy, get some fun exercise in and get away from the stress.

Others are looking for real lifestyle change & need a very intense & professional weight loss & wellness program, along with counseling  guidance. 

At CFS Camp we specialize in knowing our clients needs and having the Complete Fitness Solution to meet those needs.

A Complete Fitness Solution Program!

At CFS Camp, we've developed  the True Fire Fitness System, which is designed to prevent "fitness plateau" and accelerate weight loss, strength and stamina by activating and using the body's natural healing processes. All this, while simultaneously ensuring that you have a lot of fun in a positive enviroment!

Keep It Fun

Working out alone has its' rewards - but when you incorporate fun activities like volleyball, ocean kayaking, obstacle courses, zip line, cardio tennis, kick boxing and more, you'll find yourself waking up excited in the morning to see what the new day will bring.

Having fun at camp / vacation isn't just for the young. At CFS Camp, we know that adults need to get away and enjoy some time off too. 

Consider it our way of "getting you hooked" on staying in shape.

A Friendly, Comfortable Atmosphere

At CFS Camp helping people is what we do and you will never doubt whether or not our friendly, professional staff are on your side. We also provide 3 gourmet meals per day - proving that eating healthy can be enjoyed.

And when you're not working out, our enjoyable private accommodations provide a "home away from home," while massage therapy will relieve stress and help your body heal.

Less People. More Personal Attention!

Here at CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp, we are more concerned with quality of relationships, then quantity of numbers. We work very hard to keep the client count down, so that we never have any more than 7-10 clients at any given time.

You need, want and pay for results - and personal attention is what we focus on and specialize in.

   How much does the program cost?

It depends on many factors, such as season, length of stay, accommodation arrangements. fitness or weight loss and whether or not we have specials running however;  if any other (reputable) "fitness and weight loss camp" can offer you the class of service we do for a lower price, we'll match it!

Additionally, we are currently offering a limited-time opportunity: See Our Limited Special Pricing Offer!

   Request more Information of CFS Today!

No reason to wonder and guess what we are all about, what we offer or how we work. Feel free to request additional information today.

At CFS Camp, we have no sales staff. Our only goal is to provide the best help we can for those or are considering a fitness vacation or residential adult weight loss camp - and if we're not the best choice for you, we'll tell you.

So what do you have to lose? Give us a call, or write us online today.

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